New to Radiohead. The Bends.

After I discovered Best Ever Albums I wanted to believe Radiohead was overrated (I still think they are a little). I couldn’t resist it for long though, The Bends (1995) has got to be one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. It’s a serious mind blower. Every song is so emotional and intense (maybe it’s just the achey vocals tho). Extremely consistent and it rocks too hard to get boring. “High and Dry” is the most recognizable track at first listen. Not coincidentally I think it’s my favorite too, but it’s tough to be picky with an album this beautiful. #16 all time on BEA seems fitting. *Edit – is it just me or does “Just” totally sound like “Smells Like Teen Spirit”????????

Track listing:

  1. Planet Telex
  2. The Bends *favorite
  3. High and Dry *favorite
  4. Fake Plastic Trees
  5. Bones *favorite
  6. (Nice Dream)
  7. Just
  8. My Iron Lung *favorite
  9. Bullet Proof… I Wish I Was
  10. Black star
  11. Sulk
  12. Street Spirit (Fade Out)

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