Bob Dylan’s Most Underrated Album

Nashville Skyline, released in 1969 is, in my opinion, Dylan’s most overlooked album. It shouldn’t be far behind the top 3 (Blood on the Tracks, Blonde on Blonde, Highway 61). This was Bob Dylan’s straight country album… and it’s FUCKING GREAT. I’m not in love with the title song too much but other than that it’s SPOTLESS. It’s a classic feel good album. In a time when music was heavily political, the grand master of topical music makes complete 180 and goes the simpler route. Track 1, the duet with Johnny Cash, is one of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard. “Lay Lady Lay” is another one for the ages. Two tracks that will never get old to me and my favorite two Dylan tracks.Bob_Dylan_-_Nashville_Skyline

Track Listing:

  1. Girl from the North Country  *favorite
  2. Nashville Skyline Rag
  3. To Be Alone With You
  4. I Threw It All Away
  5. Peggy Day    *favorite
  6. Lay Lady Lay   *favorite
  7. One More Night
  8. Tell Me that It Isn’t True
  9. Country Pie
  10. Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With you *favorite

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