The Flaming Lips + Arcade Fire thoughts

2 new discoveries. The Flaming Lips and Arcade Fire. I’ll start with the Flaming Lips. 2 albums blew my brains out at first listen. To Flaming Lips fans they are not surprisingly The Soft Bulletin (1999) and Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (2002). Both of these blew me away immediately. To me this music seems so cliche with their farty, robotic synth drum beats and synth strings and super-whiney vocals, but it just isn’t. It’s amazing. It’s art. Both albums come with ridiculously complex arrangements I can’t even get what exactly is going on sometimes. Many beautiful harmonies and the melodies are generally mellifluous which makes it way easier to digest at first listen. These two albums are perfect and immediately jumped into my ‘favorite ever’ list. I’m excited to listen to the rest of their discography. I hope it matches these two gems.

yoshimi battlesSoft_Bulletin_cover


Next up Arcade Fire. I’ve known about them for a bit longer but still very new to me. So far I’ve listened to The Suburbs (2010) and Funeral (2004). As of right now I prefer the Suburbs to Funeral, but that could change. I will likely listen to Neon Bible and Reflektor this week too. Supposedly they’ve finished their newest studio album and it’s due this year. I actually am excited as I’m beginning to fall for this band. At first listen I wasn’t feeling The Suburbs, but second time around was jaw-dropping. This album really hits me emotionally more so than Funeral. Not to say Funeral is bad, it’s crazy good and I don’t doubt I’ll come around eventually. It may be typical, but I don’t care, “Wake Up” is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. Anyways back to The Suburbs. I love Sprawl 2 and Regine Chassagne’s voice, I wish she sang lead on more tracks.

Conclusion: The Soft bulletin = Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots. The Suburbs > Funeral (subject to change).


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