Top 5 Songs for a Rainy Day

Really bored. Do not feel like writing a research paper. Here are 5 great songs for a rainy day.

5. Rhythm of the Rain – The Cascades (1962)

4. And it Stoned Me – Van Morrison (1970)

Subject-appropriate. A great emotional piece that may or may not make you feel better about the depressing rain.

3. All This is That – The Beach Boys (1972)

Does not have anything to do with rain, but those harmonies are wet AF. It fits a rainy morning.

2. Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson (2005)

This song is the shit I don’t care how overplayed it is. This one always picks you up.

1. Love Song – The Cure (1989)

I know there are much more relevant songs on Disintegration to choose from, but I’d rather listen to this one while driving through the pouring rain at night.


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