Billy Joel: Hear me out

It appears that there is no consensus on Billy Joel’s music. Most people either loathe him or love him. I didn’t hate him, but I never took him seriously as an artist and most other friends I have that are pretty into music aren’t hot about him either. Of course I knew all the huge pop hits of his: Piano Man, Uptown Girl (still can’t get with that one), It’s Still Rock n Roll to me, My Life, We Didn’t Start the fire, Only the Good Die Young… you get the gist. Anyways I liked those songs to an extent, but they get pretty old after a while. So he’s performing at dodger’s stadium on Saturday and the tickets are cheap as shit so I thought what the hell you know I’ll go for the hits, buuuut I decided to give some of his other stuff a try just so I know more songs at the concert. What I did know was that The Stranger is like his artistic zenith so that’s where I started. Last 3 tracks on it are whatever IMO, but for the most part that albums fuckin bangs. I’d never heard Vienna, Italian Restaraunt, Just the Way You Are, or Movin’ Out. SO HEAR ME OUT. I must admit The Stranger is a pretty good album! I moved on to the rest and I was indifferent just like before, but he does have many redeeming hits spread out across his discography. He’s great at coming up with original pop melodies that are REALLY catchy and he’s a master pianist. Personally I don’t think he’s a great lyricist, but that’s just me. I’m not bashing Billy Joel right now I am saying that he definitely has more to offer than I originally thought (I still don’t think he’s amazing so ok maybe a little bashing…. but I’m not all the way through his discography yet so who knows maybe I’ll fall in love with it).

I am actually pretty excited for this concert now!

the stranger


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