Spontaneous Concert for the great Brian Wilson

Last night I went to see Brian Wilson for the 2nd time. Let it be known that Brian is truly my hero, my favorite musical mind. He is the paragon of musical genius and the mastermind behind one of my favorite albums ever, Pet Sounds. He and his band played all the way through Per Sounds as well as the early Beach Boys pop hits and even some deep cuts that I didn’t hear the first time I saw them.

It was an amazing show. Unfortunately, his voice is done as he’s in his mid 70’s now, so some of my favorite tracks ever like “Don’t talk out your head on my shoulder” and “I just wasn’t made for these times” weren’t the same, but still amazing to see live nonetheless. I hope to see him once more on this final Pet Sounds tour and possibly the last concert of his career.

 Pet Sounds is the magnum opus of The Beach Boys and, objectively speaking, one of the greatest albums of all time. If you want to get into The Beach Boys that is one of the first reccomended listens IMO. Brian still closes every show with Love and Mercy, an amazing song that is sure to bring your eyes to water if you know Brian’s life story and history of debilitating mental illness he has had for a majority of his lifetime. As a self-proclaimed Beach  Boys super fan, I had a great time. 


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