100 Greatest Albums 60-41

60. Hunky Dory – David Bowie 1971

59. Disraeli Gears – Cream 1967

58. A Nod is as Good as a Wink… – Faces 1971

57. Slowhand – Eric Clapton 1977

56. Eli and the Thirteenth Confession – Laura Nyro 1968

Easily one of the greatest pure singers of all time^

Essential track: “Sweet Blindness”

55. LA Woman – The Doors 1971

54. Summerteeth – Wilco 1998

Essential Tracks: “She’s a Jar” and “Via Chicago”

53. White Album – The Beatles 1968

Essential Tracks: “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, “Happiness is a Warm Gun” and “I’m so Tired”

52. Television – Television 1977

51. Harvest – Neil Young 1971

50. Blood on the Tracks – Bob Dylan 1975

49. Moondance – Van Morrison 1970

48. Jackson Browne (Saturate Before Using) – Jackson Browne 1972

Essential Track: “Jamaica Say You Will”

47. Being There – Wilco 1996

46. Rocket to Russia – Ramones 1977

45. Night Moves – Bob Seger 1976

44. Darklands – The Jesus and Mary Chain 1987

Preceded The Cure’s ‘Disintegration’ by 2 years and accomplishes much more IMO^^^

43. Funeral – Arcade Fire 2004

42. America – America 1972

Essential Track: “Here”

41. Different Class – Pulp 1995

A truly unique album. I really have never heard anything like it. And I only heard it for the first time less than a week ago. It will probably end up in the top 15 in a month^^^

“You want to live like common people, You want to see what common people see, You want to sleep with common people, You want to  sleep with common people like, But She didn’t understand, She just smiled and held my hand”

Essential Tracks: Really all of them, but if i had to choose then “Common People”, “Sorted for E’s and Wizz”, “Live Bed Show”, “I Spy” and “Bar Italia”



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